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Luxury yacht charter

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Luxury yacht charter in Ibiza

Discover the most exclusive experience in Ibiza with AkunaProject, experts in luxury yacht charter in Ibiza. Our fleet of yachts has been carefully selected to provide the ultimate in comfort and style during your stay on the island. Explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, from stunning coves to white sandy beaches. Our yachts offer first class service and modern amenities to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Our team of yacht charter experts will help you find the perfect vessel for your needs, whether it’s a private party, a romantic getaway or simply enjoying the beauty of the coastline. Sail in total privacy and comfort, while our professional team takes care of all the details.

Embark on a luxury adventure and discover the best of Ibiza from a unique perspective. Contact us today and make your dreams of sailing a luxury yacht in the most beautiful waters of the Mediterranean come true with AkunaProject.


Luxury yacht charter in Marbella

Imagine cruising along the Marbella coastline, enjoying the radiant sunshine, breathtaking views of the horizon and golden sandy beaches. You can explore hidden coves, indulge in exciting water sports or simply relax on deck while our expert sailors attend to you with impeccable service.

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a special celebration or simply wish to experience unforgettable moments with friends and family, our Marbella luxury yacht charter service is the perfect choice. Get ready for a luxury experience in Marbella paradise!


Luxury yacht charter in Dubai

Discover an unparalleled luxury experience in Dubai with our exclusive luxury yacht charter service in Dubai. Immerse yourself in luxury and splendour as you embark on a maritime adventure that will take you through the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Our luxury yachts in Dubai are designed to give you an exceptional sailing experience. From the elegant deck to the sophisticated interiors, every detail has been carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable luxury experience.

Embark on a journey through Dubai’s iconic landmarks, from the breathtaking skyline of the skyscrapers to the iconic man-made islands. Enjoy the panoramic views as you relax on deck and let our friendly and attentive staff take care of your every wish and need.


Frequently Asked Questions about Luxury Yacht Charter with Akuna Project


What does our yacht charter service cover?

Akuna Project offers an exclusive Charter Yachts service, giving you the opportunity to cruise the waters of selected destinations. Exclusive locations available include Ibiza and Formentera, where you can dive into the crystal clear waters, as well as the city of Dubai, where you can enjoy breathtaking views from the water. We also offer the chance to relax by the waters of the Costa del Sol and enjoy the spectacular weather.

How do I choose the right yacht for my needs?

To select the right yacht and receive personalised attention, we offer a large fleet of luxury charter yachts of different sizes at each of our locations. Our personalised service team will be happy to help you choose according to your specific needs. Contact us via phone or WhatsApp.

What is included in the yacht charter?

All our charter yachts include crew and the necessary insurances to provide you with maximum comfort and relaxation. In addition, if you wish, you can opt for additional services on board, such as wellness services (masseuse, catering, shisha service, transfer) and water toys (jet skis, snorkelling, paddle surfing, seabob), which are available at the “adrenaline” section on our homepage.

What is the booking and payment process for chartering a yacht?

Once you have chosen the yacht that you like and suits your needs, you can contact us by clicking on the WhatsApp icon, by message or call, indicating the day of charter and the model of the yacht. One of our personal assistants will contact you as soon as possible to confirm availability and manage your booking. To make the reservation, it is necessary to pay 50% of the price at the time of the agreement, and the other 50% will be paid on the day of the charter.

What are the conditions for returning the yacht and what are the terms and methods of payment accepted for the charter?

Our yachts are delivered with a full tank of fuel and must be returned by the assigned skipper in the same conditions. Regarding the terms and methods of payment, to make the reservation it is necessary to pay 50% of the price at the time of the agreement, and the other 50% will be paid on the day of the charter. We accept different payment methods that can be agreed during the booking process.